(machine translated) Concert Faun "Fairy Tales and Myths Tour 2020" by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated) Worldwide sold-out tours and completely enthusiastic fans have proved it: FAUN are an absolute exception among the live acts, whose magic is able to open the gate into magical worlds. After their Best Of Tour in autumn 2018 and festival and summer dates in 2019, the six-piece band will go on a big fairytale & myth tour in March and April 2020. The tour has its title, three years the thoroughbred musicians have dealt with local fairy tales. The album of the same name, which will be released on 15 November 2019, revolves around magical stories and traditions and skillfully plays with their pagan elements. These fairy tales are brought to life on the tour through the use of medieval and Celtic instruments and an atmospheric stage setting. Tickets are now available at all well-known ticket offices.

However, this is far from all that the Fairytale & MythS Tour has to offer. As always, FAUN covers touching and fascinating mood images. Mystical soundscapes and romantic ballads with harp and lutes sound as well as archaic dances with bagpipes and rotary lyre. They will be accompanied by the alchimist and Guinness World Record contact jongleur Kelvin Kalvus, who will let his juggling balls float enchantingly beautifully and almost hypnotically to the FAUN songs. So it promises to be a stage spectacle that encourages dancing, listening and reflection. But it will be particularly noticeable that EVEN after 900 given concerts, FAUN will always recreate their own world, live it and share it with all those who also want to hover between modern worlds and old sounds.

In selected concert halls in Germany, all this becomes reality, a special program that will only be experienced on twelve dates as part of this tour. Despite the hall seating, dance sung and celebrated and in quiet moments we listen, dream and smoulder together. An experience that goes under the skin and will remain unforgettable.


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Historic Stadthalle Wuppertal

Johannisberg 40 42103 Wuppertal


Seat from €45.85

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