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(translated by machine) The Brothers Quay and Thorsten Wingenfelder are concert WINGENFELDER. Heads of the Band Fury in the slaughterhouse. their band project WINGENFELDER launched was launched in 2010 - since the two inspired her fans with her own unique style. The great and the little brother - without fury on the road but not less successful. After already 3 Wingenfelder Studio albums and tours will brothers in the fall 2018 with their new album "Seven heavens high" by 26 German cities on tour go. WINGENFELDER are intrinsically and singing german, fury in the slaughterhouse go to WINGENFELDER come back.

The great fury in the slaughterhouse birthday year was almost completely sold out summer Open-Air shows and the "little big world - live & acoustic" tour in the autumn of 2017 finished successfully. Thus, the fury band that arena Hanover had conceived for the 30th anniversary of only a single "class reunion" in the TUI, looks back on the most successful live year in her career.

But when it's at its best, you should stop - a well-known motto. For Kai and Thorsten Wingenfelder follows a more logical conclusion: with WINGENFELDER into their personal, go musical extension. All of the brothers team fans have been waiting, now it has finally come. The two work since October 2017 on the new Wingenfelder album, which has also been named: seven sky high. Kai Wingenfelder: "the new songs coming around the corner down as party guests too late." As an unexpected gift, slightly out of control but always with a smile on his face. Great songs - maybe as good as never before – and we have just a cool pace on it." This pace has reinforced the determination of WINGENFELDER, to release the new album in the summer of 2018.

When writing new songs, then you want to play live this: its "seven sky high" - tour stands for the fall 2018 in the wings.

The reverse is the rule for WINGENFELDER. With the band success of fury in the slaughterhouse in the back, the brothers can now beat a chapter success of their Band WINGENFELDER.

» wingenfelder.ics-int.com tickets standard EUR 40.00 to box-office of EUR 31.38 in advance young ticket from 14 years up to the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box-office EUR 8.89 in advance General admission

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