(machine translated) Russkaya "No One Is Illegal" Tour 2019 Special Guest: Paddlecell by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated) "You can't hear No One Is Illegal lying on the sofa, this music takes people out of breath, not just on the dance floor." (Vladimir Kaminer)

First of all: take the chairs out of the hall, clear the dance floor, distribute the drinks and put yourself in a dance-mosh polka position: RUSSKAJA come and it can be celebrated! Everyone is welcome, no one has to stay outside, no matter where they come from. On their sixth album No One Is Illegal, RUSSKAJA not only tears down musical boundaries, but also interferes: just say what is the thing, and that means: togetherness instead of against each other.

With 12 wind-strong, rocking and enormously danceable tracks, RUSSKAJA on No One Is Illegal combine the seriousness of life with the joy of existence. "It's time for a love revolution, we're gonna change the world", shouts frontman Georgij Makazaria with his distinctive voice in the song Love Revolution, bringing to the point what RUSSKAJA stands for: a way of life that unites all people and that has no limits Accepted. Cosmopolitan, positive and fun to live. The lyrics in Russian, German and English, the music all over the world at home: rock, ska, a touch of Latino groove and of course lots of buoyant turbopolka and Russian disco. This is how you tear down walls and bring people together. The title song No One Is Illegal also makes it clear where this band stands with its German-English lyrics on Russian melody scraps and with a heartwarming violin: where no one is excluded.

The music of RUSSKAJA is as multinational as the band itself: Russian-born Georgiy Alexandrovich Makazaria has lived in Vienna since 1990 and founded RUSSKAJA in 2005 after leaving the metal combo Stahlhammer. From the beginning, the Ukrainian bass man Dimitrij Miller and HG Guternigg, who plays the self-developed "Potete" (a mixture of trombone and trumpet) and learned among others from the jazz legend Joe Zawinul. Also on the team are guitarist Engel Mayr, drummer Mario Stübler, trumpeter Rainer Gutternigg and Mia Nova on the electric violin.

Since 2007, the Vienna-based band has been the house band of the ORF late night show "Welcome Austria", in which they have already appeared alongside Helene Fischer, Nena, Herbert Grönemeyer, Sarah Connor and many others. RussKAJA have been on stage four times in a row at the legendary Wacken Festival (2011-2014 and 2017) and there is hardly any other relevant festival that they have not fuelled: Taubertal, Open Flair, Chiemsee Reggae, Deichbrand, Montreal Jazz Fest, Sonnenrot und -zig other events were shaken by their high-speed polka-ska groove, so that since 2005 more than 1000 celebrated performances have come together. More than 20 million streams and 30 million YouTube views go to their cap.

Already the first RUSSKAJA album Kasatchok Superstar (2008), released two years after the debut EP Dawai Dawai (2006), played in the top 15 of the Austrian charts, the follow-up albums Russian Voodo (2010), Energia (2013), Peace Love & Russian Roll (2015) and Kosmopoliturbo (2017) made it into the Austria Top-50.

The band describes itself as the "exact opposite of Easy Listening. A clash of trash metal, world jazz, funky stuff and reddish rock. She is sweaty and shouts: Dance! Dances! Dance!" And that you can dance and still be serious, No One Is Illegal proves with powerful beats, noisy winds, reddish guitars, whimpering to screaming violins and last but not least the rough and fun-loving voice of Makazaria, who in the songs a great, world-connecting statement after another. "Oh ever, politics..." The procrastinator may think so, but the RUSSKAJA fan replies dancingly: "Oh yes, politics! Especially when it's fun and you can dance to it."

The long-time RUSSKAJA confidant, well-travelled book author and inventor of the Russian disco Vladimir Kaminer explains why RUSSKAJA are so important today:

"When I close my eyes and listen to the music of Russkaya, I imagine our planet spinning faster and faster, around its own axis and around the sun. People are spinning along. Travelling has never been so easy and dissatisfaction so great, that gets the masses moving. The Syrians from bombed-out cities populate old barracks, my American acquaintances, who are upset by their presidential election, want to emigrate to Europe, the Russians made a record number of asylum applications in America last year, with the Germans all are Cruises fully booked.

The rotation of the earth is unstoppable, it becomes faster, lighter and more colorful. And the music of Russkaya too."

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A wild mixture of energetic old-school psychobilly and fast offbeat, with clacking double bass and fat brass. The cheeky ignorance of the six Wuppertalers towards subcultural boundaries pays off, because the dirty dozen of self-written songs, on the new album "Sometimes we come back!", not only sounds unique, but also as if the band had the oeuvre of countless other bands. But there is no such one. Of course, some Billy bands have experimented with Ska (conversely rather less), but Paddlecell are on the way to creating their own genre. They already have a name for this: Horror-Ska – clearly in the topics to which one devotes oned to textual. The experimental band is interesting for all those who have listened to 2-tone and ska-punk, but do not want to give up tempo completely. And for psychobillys especially when they like vocals a la Sparky (Singer v. Demented are Go). Because that's almost what frontman Marc sounds like.


With their musical direction, psychobilly and self-created horror SKA, with a deep, atmospheric and goosebumps driving voice, peppered with rockabilly guitar riffs, a driving slap bass, crazy drums and dark wind arrangements, the listener is a deep psychosis that has not yet been recognized.



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