(translated by machine) Concert Krayenzeit by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(translated by machine) STRING DANCERS TOUR 2019!

In the spring of 2019, the middle ages rocks!

The established scene sizes Krayenzeit and furor, have teamed together to a common double release tour.

Whether on the Wacken Open air, wave meet Gothic or other well-known festivals...

Krayenzeit and furor include the permanent occupation of such events for years.

Now, the two bands have decided under the motto "String dancers", that is the new album title of the Stuttgart "Krayenzeit" at the same time, to storm the stage of the Republic.

Krayenzeit: Finally the seven crows from Stuttgart draw on their own head liner tour!

With plenty of time for their own live performance they get from 2019 to offer the full broadside of its live potential the swarm of fans: more power! More rousing tunes and a highly explosive mixture of old hits and new firecrackers album string dancers appearing just in time for the tour. The Supreme creed of the guys and gals from Stuttgart is since ever ago, live to enjoy with their fans every minute to the fullest. Therefore you can look forward confidently to a rollicking party, when danced and celebrated, at the backs of the hundreds the catchy choruses sing together until the goose bumps sprout and the takes the irrepressible energy and joy of the musicians, every one in the room .

Violin, flute, hurdy-gurdy and other folk instruments combined with unmistakably modern rock sound and produce music that immediately for days builds up through their recall in the ear. Influences of medieval music, Irish folk, pop, singer/songwriter, rock and metal will be effortlessly into each other interwoven and merge into a bombastic mixture over the clear and powerful voice of singer and mastermind Mark Edwards eleven Rahman stories by Moon and shadow tells.

Now, after the band to guest on countless festivals (E.g. Wacken, wave Gothic meeting, MPS,...) and on extensive tours of bands the Swabians in the starting blocks, to how Schandmaul or Saltatio mortis has accompanied on her own head liner tour with lots of love to the An unforgettable experience each concert detail and new ideas to make.

FUROR: That the medieval Metaler from furor also prästentieren their new disc, "Schalk in the neck", will make fans of härtenen pace certainly sit up. Uncompromisingly hard guitar riffs, thundering drums and shipcame bass form the basis for harmonious melodies, played on medieval instruments such as bagpipes and hurdy gurdy.

This furor are certainly the toughest and metal astigsten representatives of the genre. With their unbroken joy of playing and the at the same time technically challenging but catchy pieces, nothing more in the way is the good mood during every live performance.

Tickets standard EUR 17.00 in advance young ticket from 14 years up to the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box-office EUR 8.89 in advance General admission

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