(translated by machine) Fire Valley Festival by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(translated by machine)

FIRE Valley FESTIVAL - August, Wuppertal atmospheric open-air opens again the doors to another world: on August 31, it continues on the Hardt.

Wuppertal - In August in Wuppertal there again to experience a journey to distant worlds: this year the fire Valley will invite FESTIVAL at the end of the month, namely on August 31, to the beautiful open air celebrations. The line-up for the Festival held next year as a one-day event has already been. The Potsdam SVBWAY TO SALLY medieval rockers are confirmed as headliners. FIRE tail, Mr. follow them. HURLEY & THE POWDER MONKEYS, FORNICATION, MR. IRISH BASTARD and HAGGEFUGG.

The Organizer so that not only programmatically, but also of the period come again "back to the roots". Despite the duration of the one-day event, the campsite will be yet three days open. In addition to the already traditional and particularly attractive medieval market's already a warm Friday evening give up program in the outdoor pool, to which more details will be published shortly.

You must not imagine SVBWAY TO SALLY. You just know this perennial favorite from Potsdam. Since the beginning, they form the spearhead of the German middle ages Rock movement, which is unique in the world and was decisively shaped by subway TO SALLY. Especially the live qualities of the band are legendary. With hard rock and metal, enriched with instruments such as bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, lute, Shawm, violin or flute there is really as good as no clubs and festivals, where SVBWAY TO SALLY does not to "Tell the devil in you good day", one of the band's hits, "Hello" said have. The band has denied more than 1600 concerts in her more than 25-year career. Also outside of the stages of this world, they list awards. 2008 won subway TO SALLY of the 4 Bundesvision song contest, got gold "Naked" for their Unplugged CD or were of the most important German magazine METAL HAMMER with the German BAND distinguished award for the best. With the Valley of fire FESTIVAL, the band combines a special relationship: "Without a doubt the Valley of fire is one of my favorite festivals" as singer Eric Fish. He has already processed his personal highlights several years ago in the song "In the fire Valley", which since then has been the official anthem of the event: "I brought my intimate attachment to the Valley of fire, in fire Valley ANTHEM to the expression. The Valley of fire song is now an integral part of the musical program and is sung by the audience each year.

FIRE tail are currently among the fastest up and coming bands. With their latest album "Metal Hammer", the second top 10 chart entry in her career managed the band from Erlangen. The musicians are on tour in the winter.

MR. HURLEY and the powder monkeys bring the spirit of the pirates to Wuppertal. The folk rocker from Osnabrück, Germany committed to old pirate stories. The four musicians go sailing under the flag of Captain Blake, to capture their audiences with their rousing live shows.

There are bands that only develop their full potential in live situations. FORNICATION definitely fall into this category. At the latest since their tour with ice-breakers and their last top 10 album "Akephalos" they include the hopes of tougher German music.

MR. IRISH BASTARD know how real live shows go. As 2006 began, their stages were so small that the half of the band members fell back. Meanwhile, three albums and over 700 shows, many of which are in China and Japan, they are considered as fixed size and have divided already the stage boards with acts like flogging Molly, the Levellers, or the Dropkick Murphys.

Since January 2015 on the stage play HAGGEFUGG "Prost medieval party-Rock". A tribute of the six musicians in the classical medieval rock mischievously to understand. With shawms, bagpipes and rock instrumentation, cracks properly while be sent packed own and old traditional melodies or pointedly reflected current issues.

The open air event at the Waldbühne Hardt, the middle ages themed rock and a stunning historical atmosphere, has long since in and outside the scene of cult status.

In addition to the main stage is again a traditional medieval market and invites you to enjoy in the past. In addition to crafts and all kinds of Nice, also a sumptuous gourmet mile, which ensures the physical well-being in the spirit of medieval hospitality presents itself - for full two days the area turns in the heart of Wuppertal that into a colorful goings-on.

Original tickets are available at Extratix, the ticket office and the House of youth barmen in Wuppertal.

» www.feuertal-festival.de tickets standard EUR 40.00 in advance children up to 12 years of age have free admission. In other words, from the age of 12 to be paid the regular price!

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