(machine translated) Sven Bensmann by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated) Sven Bensmann has glasses, a well-pronounced beard growth and is in his mid-20s. Other men his age are currently finishing their business studies or are planning their career advancement. Sven doesn't. Sven packs his guitar, gets on the next train and stands on the comedy stages of this country in the evening to bring his audience closer to his view of our world.

With a lot of charm and the will to improvised surprise, he addresses, half-spoken and half-sung, that his parents probably look very similar genetically, why fat people enjoy the evolutionary advantage of their physical disadvantage no suicide To be able to commit and sings, freely according to the motto "Love goes through the gears" that objectophilia requires more social recognition.

Since 2017, Sven Bensmann has been the musical sidekick of the cult comedy show NightWash and, in addition to presenter Tahnee, provides the right rhythm and drive in the Cologne laundromat. At least since joining the fixed NightWash ensemble, Sven has been a constant part of the young German comedy scene and knows with the appearance of a well-fed bear, a vocal color between Joe Cocker and Bruce Springsteen, paired with a hearty dose of humor and His rarely obvious mindset to turn any comedy stage into a hilarious unplugged concert.

The self-proclaimed aspiring diabetic will surely become a very big one. At least his mother insinuates to him at every reunion that her "Svenni" has certainly grown again...


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