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J.B.O.. - 30 years nonsense: the Jubilee year begins - Festival glow plug igniter, a feast and a fixed anniversary tour in the autumn - new album blast Christmas tour in June - successful year with a sold out one of the absolute cult unique of German Music landscape this year celebrates his whopping 30th anniversary: whopping three decades the Erlanger fun rocker by J.B.O.. make more colorful with their mischievous mischievous, often very cryptic humour the music landscape quite a bit.

Three decades, which will be celebrated in the context of several live shows with a new Studio album and a Jubilee-open air. 2019, "A celebration" is to put it in their own words.

On the 29 June 28.und the official Jubilee-open air in Weingart at Forchheim takes place with a feast. Matching, also a new Studio album will be released on June 28. The J.B.O.. are currently working in the Studio with high pressure. First details will be announced shortly.

In the autumn, there is then the fixed anniversary tour for the new album.

In her big year for the 30-year-old Vito, Hannes, Ralph and tungsten quite adequately with some rushing blast started late December Christmas parties. Four of the five shows were already sold out in advance. Overall, the tour so far by far most successful blast which was Christmas series.

With their latest album "Deutsche Vita" have proved J.B.O.. again, that her comedy metal, for which they are dominant style, it is still difficult. 3rd place in the charts, several sold out shows and a video clip that could crack the 1 million mark on YouTube within only a few weeks.

How it all began: 1989 fruit the fateful encounter between Vito C. and Hannes "G. Laber" Holzmann in the fabled founding of James blast Orchestra. From the "fun"project, Ernst is then over night: a first by J.B.O.s own songs "A good day to die" is played on the local radio station suddenly up and down. The first "proper" album with 20 tracks appears in 1995 under the title "Explicit lyrics" at an independent label and should sell almost no marketing so well, that it goes into the German charts!

A record deal in the luggage of the dream on the pink cloud continues: the album "Loud!" enters at # 13 in the German charts. in 1997 the 4 metal Franks prove that they control not only their instruments, but also the masses always better: play the Republic with more than 100 concerts in front of no less than 100,000 enthusiastic spectators.

The big metal festivals such as Wacken Open air, Summer Breeze, rock Harz etc. are J.B.O.. has always been impossible to imagine.

Like hardly another group they have but also the ability to excite fans from all layers of the genre itself. So their shows also on rock festivals like Rock am ring/rock in the Tauber Valley Park were open air, open flair, etc. always frenetically celebrated parties.

» www.jbo.de/ tickets standard EUR 30.00 in advance young ticket from 14 years up to the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box-office EUR 8.89 in advance General admission

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