(translated by machine) Comedy - Bembers by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(translated by machine)

Best of the best of 5 years Bembers hardcore comedy "With everything and sheep!"

Madness! -Bembers is celebrating not only its 30 th anniversary of the hairstyle, but also 5 years Bembers live on the stage of the Republic.

The black sheep of the German comedy scene presents the beads from his last three solo programs and several unpublished stories, actually his mother had forbidden him to tell. Welcome to the Bembers world. Bizarre perspectives mixed with rough humor from seemingly everyday situations make his real life comedy. Brute and far below the belt, but between the lines, always with a twinkle in his eye and extremely authentic as a colorful bouquet of UHT milk. Yes - "With all sheep!".

Bembers Vita eventually always going BB´s, but I can no longer remember my birth with the best will.

The kindergarten was absolute top class, because I no longer can remember because, in contrast to primary school - because I can remember that.

There followed the wild middle years with guest appearances on various secondary schools and finally a boarding school.

From the Internatshaft man freed by the way, the easiest way, by setting the toilets on fire. It works usually perfectly and you come back home in familiar realm, and to his old friends.

Speaking of old friends - we're already in the transition of the wild middle years and years extremely means wild.

Sex and drugs and rock n ´ ´ roll, I will not say more.

Even though! -I can already tell a bit more.

So, more sex, more drugs, and of course rock n ´ ´ roll - but always louder, faster and harder.

Now to the very wild years, which by the way stop until today.

On my way to the specialists I America different levels of training, which I not would like to dwell on manhunt for technical reasons.

All in all considered of ideal running - so BB´s can go further!

On the right is the gas and the first is front left!

» www.bembers.de/ tickets standard EUR 19.00 EUR 16.00 in advance at the venue young ticket from 14 years up to the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box-office EUR 8.89 in advance General admission

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