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The Berlin band Knorkator is a dazzling and extraordinary musical formation that manages to combine confidently and playfully aggressive hardcore metal with subtle and classical tone. The concerts are legendary, bizarre alternating baths of colorfully rolled together stylistics, on the one hand light-footed dance between rude curse and delicate poetry, pathetic megalomania and infantile nonsense on the other hand.

Singer Stumpen is, as it were, the personification of this diversity. As a large tattooed bald head, he scolds his audience loudly, only to smash arias with dizzying falsetto in the next moment.

Pianist Alf Ator, who is also responsible for composer and lyricism, likes to smash his instruments in time or throw foam rubber organs into the audience.

Guitarist Buzz Dee drives with his character and his guitar sound self-determined and

independently precedes the sound of the band.

Knorkator was founded in 1994 by Stumpen and Alf Ator. In May 1996, Buzz Dee replaced the first guitarist J. Kirk Thiele. Over time, Knorkator can perfect her sound with the help of various musicians.

First, the band plays for its audience in Berlin and Brandenburg. With their success in a newcomer competition, they become known across Berlin's borders. In 1996, Knorkator toured Germany in support of Rio Reiser. In 1998, the musicians signed their first record contract with Rodrigo Gonzalez (The Doctors). By 2016, Knorkator will release a total of 8 studio albums, 3 DVDs and several singles on Universal, Nuclear Blast, Sanctuary, or its own label Tubareckorz.

The band received special media interest in 2000, when they caused a real scandal when they were in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest. BILD comments: "Who let these madmen into television?"

Knorkator plays more than 900 concerts, 150 festivals (among others Wacken Open Air, With Full Force, Highfield Festival, Bizarre), publishes 5 books and Alf & Stumpen present the radio show "Der Fritz Kommunikator" on Radio Fritz. Outside of Berlin, however, the band initially received little media response. Although Knorkator makes virtuoso use of a variety of images and stylistics, it cannot really be assigned to any direction. They have no choice but to play their fans live in years of continuous work.

As a preliminary group of Marilyn Manson or the Bloodhound Gang they make a good figure. Even at international festivals, Knorkator can convince the audience despite German lyrics, for example in 2005 at the French Fury in Le Mans, or the largest European festival stop Woodstock in Küstrin, Poland.

In the same year, the band presents a special program as part of the Leipzig Bach Festival. As a delegate, Knorkator successfully represented the Association of Independent Recording Companies and Music Producers in Toronto, Canada, during Canadian Music Week in 2006. Nevertheless, the band announced the end of their career in 2008 and organized a farewell tour, which

trigger an unexpected media response. Until now largely ignored by the press, radio and television, sad obituaries and respectful bowings of artists and critics are now piling up. There is talk of "... a huge hole in the German music landscape that no one can fill anymore..."

In the following years, Stumpen, Buzz Dee and Alf Ator concentrate on their own smaller projects, but the idea of a new beginning makes the rounds just a few months after the farewell tour. Gradually new songs are created until Knorkator decides to stop in April 2011.

Supported by Nicolaj Gogow and their new bassist Rajko Gohlke, the band released their album "Es werde Nicht" in September 2011. The unsophisticated trash sound of the early albums has now given way to a more powerful, more mature band sound, but without diluting the anarchist basic concept. This development has a positive effect, fans and critics are happy, the following tour is sold out. More and more young fans are coming to the concerts, partly the children and grandchildren of the fans from the early days.

In 2012, the band expanded its sphere of influence to Russia and South Africa. In addition, Knorkator organizes a big spectacle "Knorkator und Freundinnen" in front of about 8,000 people in the Spandauer Citadel, in which she can be supported by exclusively female musicians, as well as 2 Knorkator tribute bands, which also knock out the ground, which also consist only of women.

At the beginning of 2014 the 7th studio album "We want Mohr" will be released, on which, among other things, set stories from the Struwwelpeter can be heard. The extensive tour ends in Berlin.

The tour finale will be recorded and released on the DVD "Knorkatourette" in 2015.

In 2016 the 8th studio album "Ich bin der Boss" will be released. While the band has always addressed the great questions of humanity and life (although mostly in exaggerated and sarcastic form), tendencies to reflect on current events can now be seen for the first time.

The popular actor and singer Axel Prahl has a guest appearance. And with the song "Teeth brushing, pullers, off to the bed!" the average age of the fans can be drastically expanded downwards.

The tour to the album lasts until deep into next year, the audience numbers have risen again, happy courage begins the songwriting for the next album. Status Quo 2018: The pre-production of the new disc is in full swing, the previous song material suggests good things, at the end of the year it goes to the studio, the next album is to be released in autumn 2019, then the band will already exist for 25 years.

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