(translated by machine) Nit esu loud concert Kasalla - Festival by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(translated by machine) For music fans up and downriver Kasalla is one of the most popular and successful dialect bands Cologne since 2011. A State Kasalla almost seven years now unchallenged not least take after its establishment following the chart success of 2017 album 'MER Sin one", which made it right off the bat at number 5 of the German album charts. Kasalla celebrated their breakthrough with their hit "Pirate", which now can be found in every Carnival play list. What is able to be however actually means, their Musik is an integral part of the Repertoire of the fifth season, Member of a band you elsewhere hardly imagine. "During the Carnival season to play two hundred (!) only six weeks Time, approximately ten performances per day are"outlines Bastian camp man the workload between early January and mid-February,"will be achieved but also incredibly many people".

A feat of strength, which are proven to pay off, because not only in Cologne but also in the remaining Federal territory, in Austria and in the Switzerland Kasalla now become a genuine spectator magnet developed. "There are of course everywhere culinary enclaves, but it has developed so, that now sixty, seventy percent of the people with the Rhineland are bonded. I don't know why that is, but I of course love it". Appearances in TV shows like Ina Müller's ARD-late-night-show "INAS night (2013), ARD MoMa (2017) and ZDF"Volle Kanne"(2018) may have contributed certainly to the supra-regional Kasalla boom.

Venue historical Stadthalle Wuppertal Johannisberg 40 42103 Wuppertal tickets Tickets from €34.90 at www.eventim.de

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