(machine translated) Concert Ice Factory Live 2019/20 Spec. Guests: Intent:Outtake & Beyond Obsession by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated) 32 degrees Celsius in the shade and it snows?! This is not due to a mistake in the system of elements or global warming, but happens exactly when the ice factory enters the stages of this world.

Eisfabrik is an art project with firmly integrated figures as protagonists and should also be regarded in its overall concept as an independent band and not just as a project. The three ice manufacturers are Dr. Schnee, Der Frost and Celsius. Musically, one moves somewhere between Dark Electro and Future Pop, whereby one is quite open to outbursts in other directions of an electronic kind and this is skilfully integrated into one's own sound garb. Catchiness and undercooled harmony are particularly in the focus at Eisfabrik. As it is an overall artistic concept, the visual factor also plays a major role, so that many individual effects and show inserts are brought into play during live performances. You play with innovative lighting effects on the protagonists themselves, as well as on stage. When a robot about 2.3 meters tall or a Yeti storms the stage while the band is doing its best, or as the beginning mentions, it starts snowing, this is also part of the current program like the band name, which is distributed throughout the stage in DMX mode.

After chart placement of the album "Null Kelvin" and the hugely successful Hybridize Festivals with Agonoize and Funker Vogt, Eisfabrik will be back on tour on 22.11.2019. Get ready for undercooled electro beats and 13 Antarctic live shows that will force your icy limbs to dance!


EUR 25.00 at the box office

EUR 21.00 in advance


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