(machine translated) Concert - Stoppok with band jubilation tour 2020 by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated)

Real, ever-increasing visitor numbers and thus full concert halls instead of 100 million

followers in the virtual world. This is the pleasing result of 30 years of living

Rock'n Rolls. Each concert is unique and guarantees sample and loop-free. Real

Sound instead of fake noise has always been the motto. Whether Solo, in a duo with Reggie Worthy

or Tess Wiley, with the band or the contemporaries to whom new

Musicians from all over the world join, STOPPOK concerts are always a happening

of a special kind.

From March again with the proven band, with which also the last 3 albums were recorded

were on the road nationwide. The combo consisting of the long-term accomplice

Reggie Worthy on bass, American drum legend Wally Ingram and

the multi-instrumentalist Sebel, here primarily at the Hammond organ and the

Wurlitzer Piano and of course STOPPOK himself on everything that has strings and with its

unmistakable voice, is one of the most brilliant live acts that our republic

has to offer.

Here you get a full body treatment with satisfaction effect of the note 1 plus.

The heart bounces, the brain dances and the body has to watch how it copes with it,

which in most cases succeeds visibly and above all audibly. Cheers!

Germany's most stubborn indie songwriter also sings on his new studio album "JUBEL"

the truth and nothing but the truth. He sings against superficiality, power and

greed, the zeitgeist and the lack of heart formation, and this with growing

Enthusiasm and original and at the same time more relaxed than ever.

STOPPOK not only redefines the status of the protest singer, but also dusts off

the concept of the storyteller. He describes the present more than aptly and

takes a very separate position between the current frustration and hope in a

positive future. One could say that the more disorienting and valueless the times

the clearer STOPPOK becomes.

Live it will be a special pleasure for him and his band, besides songs of the new

Albums, also a cross-section of the previous 17 albums to present.

The good thing: everything fits and grooves. The stories in between are just as much part of it

like extensive solos that revive the energy of the 70s. That's where Sebel plays his

Hammond with his feet or sits so skilfully on it that it's also good

Sounds! Reggie Worthy, the master of bass who as a young man made his craft at Ike &

Tina Turner has also repeatedly surprised with spontaneous insoles, which

Make the audience cheer, like Wally Ingram, once with people like Sheryl Crow

or Tracy Chapmann, who performs the most curious percussion, starting with

Steel helmets to warming containers, in a very special way, but always funky,


Photographer: Robert Grischk

» www.stoppok.de



EUR 37.00 at the box office

EUR 32.00 in advance

Young ticket from 14 years until the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box office

EUR 8.89 in advance


All prices plus any pre-sale fees

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