(translated by machine) Concert WellBad by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

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Date send iCal appointment save info "A voice that Ent despite cars!"

This voice sounds like a hundred lives. Daniel Welbat sings, as he would have years in the darkest bars to hang out and it sucked up all the stories of these many small worlds. Roots rock falls in love with hip hop. Jazzy flashes are popped from the blues on the carpet again. Beautiful melodies and catchy hooks invite you to fall in love and let go of a difficult to get. All embedded in the engaging grooves of a great Band.HEARTBEAST is a tribute to Welbats great love: the movie. As a Scion of one artist and filmmaker family, he spent his youth mostly on Filmsets.Dieses fourth album sees itself as a soundtrack to a movie that was never filmed. Fuel for his rousing live performance! This has brought the band TV appearances on 3SAT, ARD, ZDF and RTL and for participation in festivals in Memphis, Toronto and other European countries. Highlight this year will be a KanadaTour in the July 2019. A real highlight is to see WellBad live!

Tickets EUR 24.00 at the box-office EUR 20.00 in advance General admission

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