(translated by machine) Concert B-tight by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(translated by machine) B-tight - aggro swing may I ask? Yes, may I - wat ' question! Enable, Bobby. Also known as B-tight. Today is jetanzt - namely the aggro swing.

Yes, B-tight is back again - and this time it is different. Bored by a rap scene, which itself was made in endless copies of the copy of the copy, he relies on a completely unique sound with "Aggro Swing".

While he goes not to like with the last three albums, back his own musical roots.

He has already proven PlayStation beats, four-track flavor, the old Untergrundstyle - that he can do this, enough. The #1-chart position of"A.i.d.S Royal" says it all. Been there, done that. Something new had to be found. For his new album, Bobby was inspired by an epoch, which is slightly further back - and that has some parallels to the present time. In the Golden ' 20s, Berlin was regarded as wicked, excessive party metropolis, more exciting than Paris, more dangerous than New York, cooler than London. And exactly this energy captures the Berlin with "Aggro Swing". So that we understand us correctly: it's still a rap album through and through. That stands out from the grey mass of other rap albums but this, that it has to offer a completely its own sound image.

The beats has produced all of them even B-tight. Classic hip-hop drums meet on trumpets, trombones and double bass sounds, not sampled, but everything even played. So, an album is created, that leads the listener into a bleak, verrauchtes back room, where B-tight with piek fine side parting and perfect fly wide grinning asks for the "aggro"swing. Just don't be shy ladies, here dance is swinging now, namely at its finest! And gentlemen: Please shake off all concerns like the last drop when peeing. We have finally come to have fun, not to think.

Should the world end tomorrow - today we dance the "aggro"swing. And janz Berlin is' eene cloud - could incidentally quite ' be a grass cloud.

Tickets EUR 22.00 at the box-office EUR 17.00 in advance General admission

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