(machine translated) "Nizar - Joke Command" by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated)

Bad mood and still no cure in sight? We know one thing:

NIZAR: Comedian, Influencer, Lachsack!

After NIZAR, with its joke clips and infectious laughter, has led a campaign of conquest through all social media, reaching millions of fans, we can now look forward to its first glamorous stage program:

"Joke Command"!

As a cross between Eddie Murphy (humor color) and a hobbit (the hair) NIZAR is no longer just spreading a good mood on the net, but also LIVE in your city from autumn 2019!

With the energy of a monster wave, the Rhinelander tells hilarious stories from his crazy life, gets to the bottom of the creature "Woman" or wonders about one or the other political event. Even a banal visit to the zoo becomes a ludicrous spectacle at NIZAR.

NIZAR is not afraid to reveal everything about itself and thus delights its audience:

''He's an incredibly energetic performer who captivates everyone with his charisma''

''NIZAR is a come-in cartoon character''

''His energy is contagious''

'Let's be honest: In our increasingly swollen, polite and politically correct culture, we need more people like NIZAR" (fan voices)

NiZAR actually wanted to be a musician; all the better that he chose comedy. Its program is fast, interactive and so crazy that you just have to laugh!

"I am incredibly honoured that people pay money to see me live (...). There's no better feeling than making people laugh.' (Nizar)


EUR 21.00 at the box office

EUR 17.00 in advance


All prices plus any pre-sale fees

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