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Diary of Dreams, a life of music.

Named after a small composition on the classical guitar called Diary of Dreams, Adrian Hates, who grew up in Düsseldorf, created Diary of Dreams in 1989. He grew up with pure classical music and devoured the first electronic sounds he heard on the radio. The 80s, in combination with his classical roots, therefore proved to be a defining feature of his musical career. His wish was to merge these two sound worlds in his own way.

Since the age of nine, the classical guitar has shaped him; later, with the first electric guitar, he also opened up new possibilities. Music became a substitute. At the age of 15, he ventured to the piano for the first time and took lessons. Soon after, the acoustic spectrum expanded again, and drum computers, keyboards and the first Atari were added. The self-sufficient work was born out of necessity, because the search for the right fellow musicians who shared his vision proved almost impossible. In the end, it was precisely this combination that made Diary of Dreams unique and unique in the early days.

In 1994, after countless demo recordings that never satisfied Adrian, the debut album Cholymelan finally followed. Celebrated by the press, it immediately catapulted itself into the hearts of many music lovers of sombre tones.

A new dream of the workaholic was to release the second album already on its own label. His skepticism of the music industry was simply too great to give up so much control. The need to be able to decide every step, no matter how small, seemed to him at that time to be the only possible way of working.

And so he actually released his second album End of Flowers only two years later on his own label Accession Records, where to this day every other album was released. At similar intervals, 26 other recordings followed, including a DVD, a few singles, 2 EPs, a celebrated acoustic album and 12 regular albums, including the milestone Nigredo with the fabulous photo shoot in Iceland and the hugely successful current album. bright in Eden.

Appreciated by his fans especially for his texts, Hates moves linguistically mainly in the metaphor and describes very expressively and ambiguously what concerns him, mostly in English, but also in German. Which language he chooses, the song actually decides for himself, he says.

In all these years, in which the line-up changed again and again, mastermind and singer Adrian Hates approached the vision of his project and finally his dreams more and more.

It has been about 500 concerts in almost 40 countries since the first sound from the diary was heard, and there is no end in sight. According to Adrian, it will be the last thing he does in his life.

A life with and for the music.

Eden is not a place. Eden is a machine; these are the first words from the accompanying text of the 13th album of Diary of Dreams. If one thought at first glance that one could guess the textual content of "hell in Eden", these few words teach us something better and reveal a quiet foreboding of the actual bandwidth. Musically, "hell in Eden" is energetic and bombastic as never before, but also warm, gloomy and fragile. The album reaches us with the first note and constructs in our minds a fantasy world in which we can really get lost. What a blow did Adrian Hates manage again? 13 incredibly intense and emotional anthems in different moods and colors make this album a very special concept work, which has what it takes to become a milestone; already a favorite album for Adrian himself. So let us discover with him the new chapter in his diary of dreams.

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