(machine translated) Concert Götz Wiedmann by Haus der Jugend Barmen at Wuppertal Barmen

(machine translated) Götz Widmann is a songwriter, but one who prefers to raise his middle finger rather than his index finger. Copies of this genre are extremely rare, which makes an evening with the punk among the song poets such a special experience. It is usually highly amusing, sometimes shocking, but always extremely refreshing to listen to a truly independent spirit who is allergic to muzzles of all kinds, who cannot be stretched in front of any political carts and who is not allowed to think from any direction. simply sweeps aside his joke.

Honesty was always more important to him than a well-groomed tone, his choice of words is a nightmare for every German teacher. Nevertheless, Götz Widmann's songs have their own linguistic elegance. And for all his malice, his complete work, which now has 18 albums, permeates above all a radical love of man, a never-tiring call to independent thinking, a deep bow to the right of the individual to resist the stupid One-dimensionality of our time.

Twenty-five years ago, he and his partner Kleinti founded the duo Joint Venture. Fifteen years ago, his most influential album, "Drugs," was released. Time travel – a loving look back, many songs from the past, still strikingly topical.

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Young ticket from 14 years until the age of 19.

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