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As in the year 1982 four long-haired metal maniacs in Frankfurt am Main to have decided to form a band called TANKARD (English for beer mug), none of the parties probably wondering that there over three decades later still will be the group. Not to mention that the band would molt to the spearhead of the German thrash metal. But they still exist! And without interruption. In the age of countless "reunion"-phantoms, that second shoot from the crypt holding the hand to then again crumble to dust, held the flag of the thrash metal relentlessly upwards TANKARD: a respectable performance! EMERGENCY ONE DAY DEAD!

And as the inventor of the mind liberated style "Alcoholic Metal" celebrate in 2017 with their seventeenth Studio album "one foot in the grave" an almost incredible cheering Festival: we raise our glasses to 35 years TANKARD.

However, it is no longer so, as the "Star" in 1988 in a larger feature about the "subculture of heavy metal" wrote: "Your music sounds like a fully loaded train with beer mugs would derail." Because despite all humor, you should by no means underestimate TANKARD musical. The band was continuously strong albums on the market and last but not least has the alltime Classcis as "Empty Tankard", "the morning after" or "chemical invasion" more than deserves the status of "Cult band". Sold out Club shows, tours in South America or Asia, appearances on the biggest metal festivals in the world (WACKEN, HELLFEST, GRASPOP, SUMMER BREEZE...), as well as the latest result of the Charter bear witness to the popularity of the Frankfurt bedrock.

And although the title of the new album speculate otherwise, TANKARD by no means sound in the 35th year after retirement. The new album sparkles with inventiveness, freshness and aggressiveness.

Songs such as "Syrian Nightmare", "Arena Of The True Lies" and the title track "one foot in the grave" seamlessly classified in the long series of the band's classics. Also put aside Gerre & co. of this time the fun literally and unwrap the leg of critical acclaim. Even the traditional beer song, "secret order 1516" was spiced with social criticism.

Fans of the TANKARD typical humour occur "Sole Grinder" however still at their expense. The song is a tribute to band Manager Buffo Schnädelbach («Gerre:» Germany lustigster choleric «»), with a usual tongue in cheek, of course.

For the first time recorded in the Gernhard Studio in Troisdorf, producer Martin Buchwalter (DESTRUCTION, SUIDAKRA) missed the album a fresh and powerful sound.

Rocking the bass, the drums pound and's voice sounds Gerre energetic and angrier than ever. Also, guitarist Andi Gutjahr grabs out riffs and solos, which you have probably never heard of TANKARD in this form. The multi-layered album is full of surprises and will know how to delight not only fans of the band.

Although much has changed in the course of the last three decades, one is still just as at the beginning: TANKARD are four metal maniacs from Frankfurt. Authentic, loud and sometimes drunk. And that nothing will change in the next 35 years!

Line up: Albert | vocals Andi Gutjahr. Guitar Frank Thorwarth. Bass Olaf Zissel | drums» www.tankard.info tickets standard EUR 22.00 EUR 18.00 in advance at the venue young ticket from 14 years up to the age of 19.

EUR 10.00 at the box-office EUR 8.89 in advance General admission

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