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Food sharing

Every year, about 18 million tons of food end up in the garbage in Germany, which are still pourable or meet the trade criteria even before they are sold.

Foodsharing was born in Berlin in 2012 from the idea of protecting still edible but no longer saleable food from the bin. Anyone who likes can hand in excess food or pick it up for free.

More information and all Fairteiler in Wuppertal can be found under www.foodsharing.de.

Information for students:

University of Wuppertal/ AStA

The Fairteiler is accessible at the AStA level and currently consists of a refrigerator. Here, at irregular intervals, about once or twice a week, Foodsharing Wuppertal deposits edible, but no longer saleable food from cooperating food companies, such as bakeries or supermarkets. These foods can be accessed by all people during the opening hours of the AStA level (Monday to Saturday 7-22h). The Foodsharing Group takes over the organization of the fair sharer.


Find out if the fair sharers in your area are open and active during the corona pandemic!!!





BaföG is a state support that should enable everyone to do an apprenticeship or a course of study.

The state supports you financially during the duration of your studies. You will receive half of the money as a gift, the other half you will have to repay gradually after your studies. However, there is no interest here.

Whether you are entitled to BAföG depends on many factors. It is important, for .B, how much your parents earn, whether you have siblings, whether you still live at home, etc. Unfortunately, we can't go into all the points here, but we would like to show you a few useful links here with which you can find out whether you are entitled to BAföG and how to apply for it.

The page https://www.bafoeg-rechner.de/bafoeg-antrag

shows you easily understandable how to apply for BAföG and answers many questions on the topic.

All forms and further information can be found on the official website of the Federal Ministry : https://www.xn--bafg-7qa.de/de/alle-antragsformulare-432.php.

For further questions, the BAföG hotline at 0800-2236341 is there for you.