Sexualität Topic

Gender & Sexual Orientation

Gender: Gender is an important principle of order in our society and an influential social category. The assignment of a person to a gender results in expectations of their appearance, behavior and income, their way of communication and much more. Discrimination and human rights violations on the basis of gender are still commonplace, although they are prohibited in the Basic Law and the General Equal Treatment Act.

Sexual orientation: To this day, it is not clear what determines which gender or genders a person is erotically attracted to. Of all attempts to attribute sexual orientation to a single determining factor (such as genetic or hormonal influences, upbringing or early experiences), none has been able to assert itself scientifically.1

In retrospect, many people say that their orientation developed early on, so that they already knew in puberty, for example: I like women. Surprises, who can still turn your head in the course of life, do occur. On the other hand, it is not possible to "reverse" sexual orientation from the outside or through willpower.

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Friendly reminder: It costs nothing to be kind to yourself & others.