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When can I do what?

What you are allowed to do and when is clearly regulated by law in Germany.

14-15 years: You are not allowed to buy alcoholic beverages and food as well as cigarettes/e-cigarettes and shishas/e-hookahs. You are also not allowed to smoke/vape or drink in public.

You are not allowed in nightclubs, night bars or arcades. If there is no legal guardian, you are allowed to go to the cinema until 10 pm.

In principle, you are not allowed to attend dance events (e.B. discos), except for youth welfare events.

How do I open a current account?

If you are under the age of 18, the application for account opening must be made and signed by your parents or legal representatives.

For the opening, you will also need an ID from the age of 16, if you are younger than 16, a copy of the birth certificate.

For young people who do not yet receive a regular salary, an account is usually free.

If you are not sure which bank to open an account with, you can compare e.B. on the page of Stiftung Warentest:


Travelling by bus and train in Wuppertal

To find out about timetables quickly and stress-free, download the WSW app:

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Who can I call if I have to walk home alone at night?

The staff of the home phone are there for you Sunday - Thursday from 8-24 o'clock and Friday and Saturday from 20-03 o'clock. The home phone is free!


Find out more here: https://heimwegtelefon.net