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Online-Beratung unter www.fan-support.de
Online counseling: Social workers help you with everyday life and addiction problems

Sozialarbeiter_innen of ten football fan projects in North Rhine-Westphalia are now advising on www.fan-support.de on problems at work, at school, in the family or with substance use, addiction and gambling addiction.

The e-mail consultation is possible at any time without registration. For the consultation via chat you can simply get an appointment at www.fan-support.de .

Help me, please Fanprojekt Wuppertal
Unsere Beratungsstelle
Open Ear Youth Counseling

We offer a youth counseling especially for you and your concerns!

when ?    by appointment; usually Tuesdays 15:30 - 17:00
where ?        pro familia Counselling Centre Wuppertal, Hofaue 21, 42103 Wuppertal
how ?       call or write to us (Signal, WhatsApp, Mail, facebook or instagram) and we will make an appointment

  • We are under a duty of confidentiality! No one knows you've been here
  • the offer is free of charge for you
  • if you feel insecure, bring a friend.                                                                                      Something beautiful or stupid happens, but you don't know who to talk to about it? Stress in the relationship? Uncertainty before the first sex? Is this normal? Questions about contraception? Someone doesn't respect your gender identity? Lovesickness? Someone sends you weird messages and pictures and you don't want that? Problems with the parents? Questions about porn? No nice feelings during sex? Or just a lot going on in life? Whatever it is, you can talk to us.


  • Pregnancy test: We will conduct a free test with you if you think you are pregnant.
  • Condom application: We show very practically on the model, what you should pay attention to when using a condom.
  • Preparation for the gynecologist visit:  In our examination room you can look around and we discuss what happens during the first gynecologist visit.
Help me, please pro familia Beratungsstelle Wuppertal (Sexuelle Bildung und Beratung)