(translated by machine) Federal volunteer service at the city of Wuppertal of topic Arbeit

(translated by machine) Federal voluntary service in the field of youth & leisure of the city of Wuppertal.

In the facilities of open child and youth work, we offer our federal volunteers the opportunity to engage in our many educational offerings with their own ideas.

This is done in cooperation with the specialists of the respective institution.

In addition to the work with children and young people, we need support in the organization around our houses, as for example in service offerings, or in pre-and post-processing of offerings.

Who can take part?

The Federal voluntary service each can apply for, which has fulfilled full-time compulsory education (10 years), does not have an age limit exists upwards.

Usually takes the Federal voluntary service 12 months, may in exceptional circumstances (start of training or studies) but early are terminated.

The volunteer receives following benefits: Guide a professional supervised the volunteers in the area.

All volunteers receive free seminars.

Allowance: The allowance is €350,00.

The place pays contributions for pension, accident, health, care and unemployment insurance.

Holidays: The Federal volunteers receive 24 vacation days.

Testimony: Upon completion of the BFD, the volunteers will receive a qualified certificate.

Information at: City of Wuppertal Manuela Reck financial and grant, Federal voluntary service Alexandre str. 18 42103 Wuppertal Tel: 0202/5632657 Manuela.reck@stadt.wuppertal.de

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