Fanprojekt Wuppertal at Wuppertal Elberfeld

(machine-retransmissiond) The pedagogical specialists of the fan project are contact persons for all fan-relevant topics and network partners around the topic of football/fan scene in Wuppertal. With the "Fanprojekt Wuppertal" we want to strengthen a positive fan culture. Our aim is to counter and reduce violence, images of enemies and discrimination – for this we make various preventive offers and offer assistance.

Our concept is related to the living environment of the fans: We are street workers and accompany the football fans at every home and away game and visit them at their meeting places. In the event of conflicts with authorities or associations, the fan project is available as a mediator and develops adequate solutions with all parties involved.

The pedagogical specialists are also available for individual counselling for young people and young adults in problematic situations.

At the same time, a contact point is available with the premises in Wiesenstraße, which can be used as an open (youth) meeting place.

The offer is complemented by experience education and education policy offers at home and abroad. These serve to build trusting relationships with the young fans and provide an attractive framework for political educational work (e.g. memorial tours and international youth meetings).

The "Fan Project Wuppertal" is financed by the City of Wuppertal, the Jobcenter Wuppertal, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and the German Football Association (DFB) and operates on the basis of the "National Concept of Sport and Security" (NKSS) and the Social Code (SGB) VIII.

News and further information at:

Instagram: fanprojekt_wuppertal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fanprojekt-Wuppertal-342434486274549/

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