Kinder- und Jugendfarm Wuppertal at Wuppertal Elberfeld-West

The handling of the animals as a connecting element for a common interest is the basis of the work of the children's and youth farm Wuppertal, to include visitors of from different social and cultural backgrounds and social competence and democratic Action to promote. By taking responsibility for the animal care, children and young people can experience directly the consequences of own trade.

The children's and youth farm offers space for primary experience with all your senses to perceive themselves and the environment.

The children's and youth farm Wuppertal E.v. is a section 75 KJHG acknowledged setting up open children's and youth work and organized as a non-profit registered association. The facility is the Board of Directors, it is implemented in close cooperation with the teaching team. Participation is enshrined in the statutes of the Association.

On a farm as possible animal welfare on the outskirts of Wuppertal access to nature, especially animals and the responsible handling of them, provide children and young people. The agricultural needs as well as weather and seasons structure everyday pedagogical on the children and youth farm significantly.

The heart of the educational work is the open area in which children and young people at the age of seven until about 25 years for free to visit the facility and with fashion. Starting from the needs in animal husbandry and agriculture time on the farm is scheduled daily with the children and young people together. Target visitors to a conscious and active leisure's Guide to. Child participation is lived in everyday farm. All year round the farm also offers appointments school classes and groups of children.

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