How do I choose?

If you are entitled to vote, i.e. you are officially allowed to vote, you will receive a voter notification. If you are not sure whether you are allowed to vote, look again under the item "when can I vote?".

Your polling station will be listed in the polling station.

The polling station is a place where you can vote. For example, a school, a youth center or something like that. It is important that you go to exactly this place on the day of the election. You can't vote at other polling stations. Go to your polling station on the day of the election and be sure to take your ID and voter notification with you!

There are people there who explain to you what you have to do and help you.


If you don't have time to vote on election day, you can also vote by post beforehand.

You have to apply for that. Where you can do this is written on your election notification. Important: remember to vote early enough by post! You can only vote by post before election day.


by Meral Mehmedova
Meral Mehmedova
21.01.2022, 20:20